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Our company is small but mighty and brings over 20 years of combined experience in lead generation. We are passionate about quality over quantity, proactive customer support, transparency, and constant advancement.

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Russell Taylor
An entrepreneur since getting his first computer, Russell built the technology that powers our business. He leads the team with unparalleled energy and a unique ability to tackle growth, product, & client success challenges all at once.
Maggie Georgeson
Head of Customer Success
Maggie has developed thousands of outbound campaigns and loves digging into data to optimize results. From copy playbooks to best practice guides, she makes sure our programs drive growth and create real value.
Angela Lucus
Head of Operations
With a background leading sales, operations, and account management teams, Angela has a knack for creating "aha" moments. She ensures that all our clients experience the full potential of their outreach programs.
Greg Horvath
Head of Business Development
Greg joined us as a former client who recognized the power of our platform. He has worked in finance and co-founded, grew, and sold a camera technology company before bringing his skills to our team.
Cherilyn Almodovar
Account Assistant
From connecting inboxes to troubleshooting integrations, Cherilyn works in the background to make sure everything runs smoothly and is a key part of our daily operations.
Mohit Ks
Sales Development Rep
Mo is the master of meeting conversion. He turns warm leads into booked calls through personalized responses and high-touch nurturing.
Pedro Ramos
Software Engineer
Pedro is a talented React developer who is helping us take our data engine to new heights.
Michael Cornelius
As an experienced growth leader and startup founder, Michael advises high-level decisions and provides a valuable 3rd-party perspective.
Dream Title
We're always looking for the next piece of the puzzle. If you think you'd be a good fit please reach out and say hi!